Day 1 begins

Well today is officially day one for the master cleanse I’m pretty excited for the past month I’ve been saying I’m going to get in shape not eat anything bad and lose weight well that wasn’t the case . I currently work at McDonald’s and seeing that food every morning makes me want to eat it on my breaks and I do! It’s hard for me not to eat it. So last night I finally made the decision to start the master cleanse ! I woke up in a good mood which is great I feel like you need a great attitude to start a diet. This morning I went straight downstairs and did the salt water flush. It was very gross. The worst part of the diet not only trying to chug the salt water but just the taste alone is so disgusting and very potent. You can definitely taste the salt ! It tastes exactly like the ocean water! But instead your drinking it on purpose and 32oz. May I remind you.


The salt water flush is suppose to help you with your bowel movements before you start the juicing. Well I just did the flush and I’m still waiting for a bowel movement people have said to wait at least an hour before going throughout your day. Which I plan on staying in the whole weekend because I know for a fact that I will get tempted from the different smells of food. I want to be very serious about this diet and finish strong ! I’ll try to write about my experiences on this diet and write about how I’m feeling and how everything is going.. Wish me luck guys it’s going to be hard but I know I could do it. XOXO


The Master cleanse

Here I go thinking I’m too fat or I’m gaining weight . Well I decided to do the master cleanse just so I could detoxify my body so I could feel good about myself again. This cleanse is a 10 day cleanse and yes I am doing it around Christmas I am going to try my best to not eat those nasty foods and feel great while turning them down ! So tomorrow December 5 I will start the first ever saltwater flush. I had my last meal tonight which I know I will regret in the morning.. My husband comes home for winter break so I’m trying to look great and flawless when he comes back.


The recipe is above for the saltwater flush and the master cleanse. I will give you more updates on how this e peril cents going to be for me.. I can’t wait. Shoot me a message if you have any questions. Wish me luck

So lovely that it’s mad


DCIM100GOPROGOPR0090.Feel the energy refreshed


a new day

a new pattern

watch the particles collide

so close yet so far

do not resist the sun on your face

it is there for a reason

a changing of a season

doesn’t mean the same for everyone

as all our paths are unique

dancing and interweaving together

so much method in the madness

so lovely that it’s mad

many lifetimes to be had

let it all happen

let yourself be free

there is always more to see…


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Learning to adjust.

Well I feel like today is the day that everything will get to me.  After having an awful dream.  Just made me think about myself.  I know it sounds selfish but no really.  After being with one person for so long and going through the worst possible life events together.  And in 9 days that person is leaving for almost half a year!  What am I suppose to do.  That’s pretty much all I know and care about.  I care about being with my husband the one person who has stayed with me through the ups and downs.  I know everyone is going to say hang out with your friends go work.  I mean that’s what I plan on doing but the one thing that I’m worried about is who am I going to tell everything to.  I can’t text him or Call him whenever I want.. I mean I guess we are going to have to do it the old Fashion way.  I would love to hear some experiences from other young married couples who’s husband’s have been in the army.  “How do you adjust to something that could change your whole life?”  “How do you not go crazy,  I mean not talking to your best friend for long periods of time.”  “Is it hard?”  He is the one person that knows how I work.  He knows every little button that will set me off.  He also knows how to get under my skin at times,  I’m really going to miss getting mad at each other and making up right after, or watching our Netflix shows,  laying down on our favorite couch.  Laughing at the most corniest things.  It’s going to be hard being away from my best friend.  But he’s leaving to give both of us and our future family a better life.  Thank you so much I love everything about you and everything you do. One day I will give you everything you ever wanted.  I love you my husband suyos para siempre

Verizon plan

Now where do I start

Now everyone thinks Verizon is the best carrier you could get because it has everything! Even though it’s pretty expensive when you pay monthly it still has the best 4g well the best signal.

But when it comes to your phone messing up and it goes down to you having to call Verizon they act like there going to help you but really don’t.  Now I’ve been  having problems with my phone since I got it and I explained to them in detail what exactly is going on with it.  And all they say is okay let me transfer you to someone else and make you wait a long as time.  Now they say

oh of course we will help you no problem we will definitely take care of you.

But what they don’t tell you is that your going to wait for 1 hour and  19 minutes!  That’s crazy!  Verizon is a good company just when it comes to helping out the customer they don’t do a very good job.
I recently got my Galaxy s5 three months ago and the first month I got it,  it started Messi g up.  Messing up like the battery would only last two hours I would have to charge it almost three four times a day.  The phone kept freezing and overheating.  Let me remind you that this is a brand new phone.  Verizon put me on hold four at least 45 minutes then hung up on  me.  So I called back.  Then all they told me was to factory reset my phone the  it would be okay.  But if it started messing up again to call back and they would give me a brand new phone.  So two months later which is today my phone started going haywire.  It was loading previous text messages from a long long time ago.  Which is pretty weird.  It started to overheat and of course my battery drained.

The first person who answered the phone was very helpful and nice.  Then he transfered me to another person but yet I had to wait 1 hour and 19 Minutes that’s just bs isn’t it. When they finally answered over an hour later.  I had to start over and tell them the whole story.  Which kind of pissed me off.  After she told me that

yeah no problem we will get you a new phone.

Just like the first guy said.  She transfered me again  to another guy.  And guess what I had to explain my story again.  I honestly hate Verizon.  So he went along by asking my name my number and what was wrong with the phone.  Long story short I had to restart my phone 5 times delete all my messages stop almost all Running apps and that’s it.  And said call back if there is anymore problems.

Umm hell no two of your employees told me that I would be getting a brand new phone.  Why are you telling g me that I’m not?  I’ve been waiting for over an hour for. You to tell me to restart my phone  and turn off apps?

That’s bs!

Seriously Verizon sucks at customer service they tell you one thing and change it at the last minute to save them money.  I literally got off the phone with them after talking to them for two hours.  And I don’t get anything in return. ?  I trusted Verizon to help me and make me happy but there  OT doing shit!

Don’t get Verizon!  It’s a shitty company!  All I want is my phone to work and they can’t even do that!
Verizon  sucks.


Today I am here at Ayala Park Watching Adam and his future soldier buddies train and condition to help them get ready for boot camp.  Seeing these men and women training and working hard is really inspiring.  Now I’m not saying I’m going  to join the army I mean if I had that much determination I would definitely do it.  Watching Adam train and work hard really makes me happy and really proud of him. I love how he does it with a smile not complaining and giving up. I mean I’m still sad that he is leaving but It makes me feel better for when he leaves,  now I know that he won’t struggle and he will actually do great.  These are the things that he loves!  I’m really proud of him for choosing the army,  he will learn so many great things and in the future he will be able to support our family.  He really has stepped up to the plate and showed me and everyone  that he can do it. I am just so happy that I met such a strong and loving person. He truly is my gold piece he holds me together knowing that he will never drop me. I am super proud of my husband and I know that he will be the man he’s always wanted to be.  I love you


Here I am headed to my weekly counseling.  I know it helps some people get things off there chest but I feel it really hasn’t done anything for me.  Honestly when I write my blogs I feel so much better.  I hate talking to a complete stranger.  I would rather be talking to my friends how I feel.  Not to long ago my husband and I met a couple that recently went through the same thing him and I did the the twins.  And after speaking  with them it lifted a whole weight off my shoulders I felt so relieved and just happy.  I know some counselors tell some of there clients how to resolve a problem and what they could do to help themselves with certain problems.  I feel that my counselor just wants to drug me up,  and pretty much send me on my way.  But I could just be me.  Here I go.  Trying to express my feelings to a complete stranger.  I’m not that kind of person that opens up her heart to everyone anymore.  God took that away from me.  It’s hard to go back to that happy place.