Day 1 begins

Well today is officially day one for the master cleanse I’m pretty excited for the past month I’ve been saying I’m going to get in shape not eat anything bad and lose weight well that wasn’t the case . I currently work at McDonald’s and seeing that food every morning makes me want to eat it on my breaks and I do! It’s hard for me not to eat it. So last night I finally made the decision to start the master cleanse ! I woke up in a good mood which is great I feel like you need a great attitude to start a diet. This morning I went straight downstairs and did the salt water flush. It was very gross. The worst part of the diet not only trying to chug the salt water but just the taste alone is so disgusting and very potent. You can definitely taste the salt ! It tastes exactly like the ocean water! But instead your drinking it on purpose and 32oz. May I remind you.


The salt water flush is suppose to help you with your bowel movements before you start the juicing. Well I just did the flush and I’m still waiting for a bowel movement people have said to wait at least an hour before going throughout your day. Which I plan on staying in the whole weekend because I know for a fact that I will get tempted from the different smells of food. I want to be very serious about this diet and finish strong ! I’ll try to write about my experiences on this diet and write about how I’m feeling and how everything is going.. Wish me luck guys it’s going to be hard but I know I could do it. XOXO